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Anatol Kagan

Anatol Kagan, (born in St. Petersburg, 4 October 1913; died in Hunters Hill, New South Wales, Australia, 2 July 2009) was a Russian-born Australian architect. Over a professional career that spanned more than seven decades, and three continents, Kagan was active not only in the field of architecture and design...

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Книги о русских в Австралии на русском языке

Хотимский К.М. Русские в Австралии. Мельбурн, 1957. Георгиевич М.М. Свет и тени. Сидней, 1968. Головко И.П. Мой путь в Австралию: мемориальные записки одного из эмигрантов Австралии, Брисбен, 1986. Рудницкий А.Ю. Другая жизнь и берег дальний… Русские в австрал. истории. М., 1991. Российские моряки и путешественники в Австралии: [Сборник] [Сост. Е.В.... 0

Alexander Egoroff Reserve

Russian ANZACs and ANZAC legends Alexander Egoroff left his native Bestuzhevo in Central Russia in 1909 and came to Australia in search of a better life. He joined the army and his granddaughter Barbara remembers that during the Somme winter of 1916–17: ‘He said that he had to sleep outside the trench...