Английские имена/English names

Russians in Australia

Среди русских могил затясалась могила капитана с надписью на русском “Дорогому мужу и отцу””- Captain Albert O.R. Wilson (22.6.1878- 15.5.1957)/кладбище Ботани в Сиднее

Datsis John – (6.1.1895, Feodosia- 12.4.1941, Sydney), Russian hairdresser in Sydney in 1926-1932

Diaconescu George/George Dekoseko; surname was also spelt as Dekosesko, Diaconoeyesco, Diacunescu, Diakonesoff, 29.10.1874 Romania Died 7.03.1937, Qld/Russian Anzacs DB

Erickson Scott Constantine -умер 17.4.1988/кладбище Ботани в Сиднее

Grey Robert Boris (30.10.1920-25.4.1987) /кладбище Ботани в Сиднее

Knight Nadia  -Умерла 14.11.1953, 51 год, оставив сына и дочь/кладбище Ботани в Сиднее

Heys Vera Lvovna -умерла  9.9.1963 /кладбище Ботани в Сиднее

Holtze Evlampia (1848 –6 July 1937), a daughter of Surgeon-Captain Semen Mesinzoff and Sophia Ivanovna. – read Holtze story here

Holtze Nicholas/Nicolai (1866,St Petersburg-1913, Darwin)-a curator of Darwin Botanical Gardens and was the only member of Holtze family who died in Northern Territory.

Holtze Wladimir/Vladimir (1867,St Petersburg-1961)-joined the construction party of the O.T. Line when he was sixteen. In 1930’s he became assistant postmaster at Katherine Telegraph Office.

Holtze Ludmilla (1871, St Petersburg-1971)-went to study arts at School of Design in Adelaide, married Charles William Hughes in 1889 and had a big family

Holtze Alexis (1883, NT -1938)-an editor at various Australian newspapers and radio manager in his later career.

Kagan Anatol born in St. Petersburg, 4 October 1913; died in Hunters Hill, New South Wales, Australia, 2 July 2009- was a Russian-born Australian architect. Over a professional career that spanned more than seven decades, and three continents, Kagan was active not only in the field of architecture and design but also as a writer, translator, lecturer and political activist.

Kangan Myer born in 1917 to Russian Jewish parents is considered the founder of the technical and further education (TAFE) system. http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/kangan-myer-22097

Kenc Natalie-умерла 20.2.1984, 64 года/кладбище Ботани в Сиднее

de Ramer Francis Jacob, 26.07.1889, Suwalki, Poland- Died 8.01.1958 Edinburg, UK/Russian Anzacs DB

de Rink Christian ; Christian Lawrence Smidt Rinkoff (known as Rink), 16.01.1872, Odessa  Died 4.02.1961 Christchurch, New Zealand/Russian Anzacs DB

Rowehl Armen/ Alias Ermen Rovel (some army documents); in 1917 stated that Armen Rowehl was correct name; Armin Sher-Rowehl (naturalisation); Teddy,  12.01.1892,  Libava (Liepaja), Latvia Died 1.02.1948, Melbourne/Russian Anzacs DB

Rowehl Edwin Nicholas /Alias Ned Rowehl, 26.05.1888,  Libava (Liepaja), Latvia -1969, Melbourne/Russian Anzacs DB

Stevens Helen похоронена в одной могиле с мамой Татьяной Храиаль, жена Percival Thomas Stevens- умерла  21.5.92, 74  года/кладбище Ботани в Сиднее

Sages Jenny – has been an Archibald Prize finalist 20 times. She was born in Shanghai on 19 September 1933  to Russian parents. Her father imported silk from Paris to sell to Shanghai’s wealthy residents. When civil war engulfed China in the mid 1940s the Sages, like many in the expat community, left Shanghai. As communist rule was established in China under Mao Zedong, the Sages found a new home in Australia.

Skalberg John Born 1895 (WWI), 3.01.1898 (WWII), St Petersburg, Russia (WWI) or Wolmar (Valmiera), Latvia (WWII)- Died 15.08.1974, Victoria/Russian Anzacs DB

Stimpson Mary/Стимпсон Мэри (1904-1968) /кладбище Ботани в Сиднее

Tetstall Anna Georgina -( 1905 – 11.2.1953 /кладбище Ботани в Сиднее, mother of Victor Matiuk

sears RIP Deeply mourned by her

Wicks Frank Joseph , 8.01.1895, St Petersburg, Russia or Warsaw, Poland- Died 2.07.1973, Rese, Victoria/Russian Anzacs DB