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Фотограф в Тасмании -Яковенко Иван Иванович

В то время, когда большинство иммигрантов прибывало в Австралию из полуразрушенной Европы, Яковенко Иван Иванович (20 марта 1917, Ставрополь –  1970/71? ) прибыл в Мельбурн из Индии.  Он сошел с трапа корабля 18 сентября 1949, прожив в Индии с 1936 года, где научился профессии фотографа. Несколько попыток найти себя в...

Russians in Australia - Gregory Ivanoff 1918 0

Gregory Ivanoff -”an artist by the Grace of God”

Russians in Australia Gregory Ivanoff was a Russian-born violinist, who settled in Australia during the First World War. He was born at Ostrog. He lived in Sydney and in Perth in 1920s. Gregory became musical director of the St James Theatre at Elizabeth Street in Sydney.  The theatre/cinema featured an...

Russians in Australia -Grigory Belavin's grave, Hobart ,http://www.unification.com.au/articles/read/1862/ 0

The story of Boyarin and Belavin

Russians in Australia On Wednesday 25 May (old style) 1870 whispers abounded in Hobart that a Russian invasion was imminent. The cause of the concern was the appearance of the corvette Boyarin at the mouth of the Derwent River.  There was no need for panic of course, since Boyarin already...