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Russians in Australia - Gregory Ivanoff 1918 0

Gregory Ivanoff -”an artist by the Grace of God”

Russians in Australia Gregory Ivanoff was a Russian-born violinist, who settled in Australia during the First World War. He was born at Ostrog. He lived in Sydney and in Perth in 1920s. Gregory became musical director of the St James Theatre at Elizabeth Street in Sydney.  The theatre/cinema featured an...

Russians in Australia - Kira Bousloff http://waballet.com.au/the-company/our-story/ 0

The Kira Bousloff Ballet School

”When I came to the airport in little Perth at the end of the world, I put my feet on the ground, I looked around, and I said loudly and strongly, “This is where I’m going to live… this is my place.” Madame Kira Bousloff is regarded as a pioneer...